Assessing the challenges of global long-term mitigation scenarios (C2a)

Updated on 27/04/2022

The implications of global mitigation to achieve different long-term temperature goals (LTTGs) can be investigated in integrated assessment models (IAMs), which provide a large number of outputs including technology deployment levels, economic costs, carbon prices, annual rates of decarbonisation, degree of global net negative emissions required, as well as utilisation levels for fossil fuel plants. All of these factors can be considered in detail when judging the real-world feasibility of the mitigation scenarios produced by these models.

This study presents a model inter-comparison of three widely used IAMs (TIAM, MESSAGE and WITCH) to analyse multiple mitigation scenarios exploring a range of LTTGs and a range of constraints, including delayed mitigation action, limited end-use electrification and delayed deployment of carbon capture technologies. The scenario outputs across the three models are examined and discussed and a matrix of the different factors concerning scenario feasibility is presented.

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