Avoid – Daily Current Affairs, Tech, APK, Android, News Content

Avoid – Daily Current Affairs, Tech, APK, Android, News Content

Avoid aims at bringing contents on all trending quality topics at one website for people interested in Tech and Internet culture. Find all Web3, Metaverse, Blockchain, creator economy, Android and APK content that you’ll ever need under one single page. We have committed with our team of 15 to keep this homepage updated with hotlinks to our top picks for each day to keep you up with the cool kids. Feel free to navigate around and tap on the topics that interest you the most. With ever expanding economy mainly fueled by tech, it becomes crucial to keep yourself updated with the current and upcoming “Big Things” in order to get most out of your productive lives. There is an urgent need of educating people regarding importance of tech-literacy. We as human race are evolving, in much more enhanced speeds than we have in a long while. This is the direct effect of booming economy in the first world nations as well as money being poured into innovation and research. This makes it very easy to make a fortune for yourself in the growing economy. Its like being part of a balloon that is getting blown – You will grow too for just being a part of it. But just as a balloon, not all parts are guaranteed to grow uniformly.

APK content gets consumed by tens of millions of people on daily basis from the internet. All because of the humongous user base that Android ecosystem has. From phones, tablets to now cars and kitchen appliances, Android found its use-case thanks to being open-source. This has created a demand in applications which is subsequently getting met by the developers. The issue is that because of the sheer scale of demand for Android apps and services, It has become impossible to get all apps listed on App Store as developers have to pay in order to get their products listed. This is necessary in order to ensure safety of users. But this also creates a barrier to entry for many small developers which in result prevents the users from getting the product. It is because of this reason, developers seek out to get their products downloaded as APK files, which is the format supported by Google’s Android system and it does not even need to be downloaded from any App market.

Instead, anyone in the web can host such files and offer its users to download them as binary products. Because of this, Millions of people each month search for APK files and use their favorite apps on their smart devices. This not only reduces barrier to entry but also gives more control to developers as well as end users. Inherently, android comes with a pre-block against external installations. But this setting can be changed and is most commonly tweaked on in the Android community. For most, people, it is not recommended to tamper with this option but it has been a long time since changing it became a norm. Now, most Android users are used to this optional change.

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