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GBWhatsApp is one of the best WhatsApp mods available today. WhatsApp is the world’s most widely used instant messaging app. Like any other messaging app, it helps people connect and share videos, photos and 30 seconds status/stories. With the new feature, you can also use it as a payment wallet for online transactions.

Since Normal WhatsApp cannot provide awesome features like hiding texts or secure messages, which you can see even after they get deleted, the new modified version of WhatsApp, known as GBWhatsapp, comes there to help. It provides numerous features in a single app. GBWhatsapp apk is the most popular MOD version of Whatsapp.

How does GBWhatsApp work?

GBWhatsapp works the same as normal WhatsApp except for some features added later as the MOD version. You cannot download GBWhatsapp from Google or Apple play store like regular WhatsApp because it is a third party mod app.

This modified version of WhatsApp has many features like hidden chats/contacts/stories, dual accounts on the same device, better privacy options, scheduled messages, automated replies, and customise from tons of themes available. You can change the image size and pixels that you’re sending to the receiver.

Ability to save other stories & also can share them easily, send high-resolution images, share large resolution videos with good quality, hide & lock contacts /chats, and send all file formats. If you want to hide chats and put a lock to open that chat, then it is possible via GBWhatsapp.

Features of GBWhatsApp:

  • Hide chats/texts
  • Hide audio message
  • Secure messages & chats
  • It also provides a lock feature
  • Audio calls/video calls
  • It helps to share the long videos in less time
  • It also helps to share continuing more images with high quality
  • Download stories images
  • Download video stories for free
  • Hidden stories
  • Backup feature
  • Sharing stickers
  • Make your own theme
  • Sharing gifs
  • Easily sharing live location
  • Dual/ multiple accounts on the same device
  • Sending important files or documents
  • Hidden contacts
  • See deleted msg easily, which we can’t see on WhatsApp
  • Control your activity status
  • Auto-reply feature
  • Ability to save other stories
  • Ability to hide read receipts & delivered messages
  • Set group name up to 35 characters
  • Newly updated emojis
  • Broadcast messages to up to 600 people
  • Improved privacy options

Advantages of GBWhatsApp:

While using GBWhatsapp, there are many advantages that we can’t get in normal WhatsApp. We get secrecy of chats, contact, stories & many other things in GBWhatsapp. This app shares many images with good quality & at a single time.

Downloading stories of others directly & sharing them is also very easy. Share high quality and longer videos easily with GBWhatsapp. It also provides the feature of running multiple accounts in one app. If you compare normal Whatsapp with GBWhatsapp, then in every aspect GBWhatsapp wins.

Disadvantage of GBWhatsApp

GBwhatsapp is an Unofficial version of WhatsApp. This means that all the data you share in GBWhatsapp is not safe, and there can be breaches in digital cyber security.

There are certain disadvantages of GBWhatsapp, like hidden viruses and malware. GBWhatsapp apk is not in the play store because it is not safe. While using the GBWhatsapp, you can’t run normal WhatsApp on your smartphone.


GBWhatsapp apk provides a bunch of impressive features which are very beneficial for users of this modified app, but at the same time, if you care more about your data and its secrecy, then there is no guarantee of that in GBWhatsapp.

It gives the ability of customized themes, fonts, wallpaper, and icons to make you different from others. Download and install GBWhatsapp apk in your mobile device for free and get all premium features for free.

4 / 5. Vote count: 4

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