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If you are a plant lover, you would instantly get attracted to plants of different kinds when you see them anywhere. You would love to know the name of the new plants you come across, and that is where the PictureThis app comes in handy. PictureThis app helps you identify plants from the photos that you capture with your phone camera.

PictureThis app can identify 17,000 plants instantly, and the database keeps on expanding and updating. The accuracy of identifying plants is almost 98%, and hence, you cannot go wrong with it. Not just identifying the plant name, the app provides you with all the essential details of the plant that you need to know.

Moreover, the app has a premium plan through which you can get plant caring tips and identify the toxic and dangerous plants. You can also set care reminders as well as create your own collection to keep track of different plants. Besides, you can avail suggestions from horticulture for better gardening. In this article, we will review PictureThis Mod Apk and conclude if it is worth installing on your device.

What is PictureThis Mod APK?

PictureThis is a plant identifying app that is designed for plant and garden lovers. You can identify any plant you come across simply by taking its photos through the app. The app uses artificial intelligence to identify plants with accuracy. Along with the plant name, you will get important details of the plant starting from the category of plants to how tall and wide it normally grows.

With PictureThis Mod APK, you get all the features that you get in its premium plan. Therefore, you can get all caring tips about any plant that you may have in your home. Besides, you can identify any growing illness in any plant and get expert suggestions to cure the plant. The app also features an active community of plant lovers to share knowledge.

Features of PictureThis Mod APK –

Instant Identification –

PictureThis can identify almost any plant of which you take a picture with your phone camera through the app. The app uses artificial intelligence for accurate identification of the plant. It shows the name of the plant along with the scientific name. Not just plants, it can identify flowers, shrubs, trees and much more. In fact, the app has a wide collection of 17,000 plants in its database, and its database keeps growing every day.

Details of Plants –

PictureThis app shows you all the essential details of the plant after its identification. Such information is useful for knowing the plant in detail and deciding whether the plant can be used for gardening. You can understand how long and wide a plant can grow and what category of plant it belongs to. Besides, you can check different plants with complete details that users of PictureThis app have taken across the world.

Get Care Tips –

PictureThis app provides you with different plant caring tips that are extremely useful for gardeners. The app can also identify if your plant is toxic and dangerous and if you should stay away from it. Moreover, you can diagnose any plant with a certain illness and get caring tips from experts to bring it to normal health status.

Set Reminders –

The app lets you set reminders such as the time to water your plants, and add fertilizers to plants. This is particularly useful for gardeners so that the plants do not stay neglected. You can also keep track of the plants in your collection.

Create Own Collection –

You can create a collection of plants on the app and this is useful if you are an avid photographer. You can create a unique collection of unique plants and other users can follow you and your collection and grow the community of plant lovers.

Intuitive User Interface –

The user interface of the app is intuitive and simple to operate. You can share your photos in the vibrant community to get encouragement and you can follow other users’ collections of plants.

Conclusion –

If you are a plant lover, you cannot help but install PictureThis app. When you install the app from PictureThis Mod APK, you get the perks of the premium membership. You can also get suggestions from horticulture specialists to enrich your knowledge and take proper care of plants in your garden. It is a must-have app for identifying every plant you come across in your path.

5 / 5. Vote count: 1

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