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July 14, 2022


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Do you have a vast collection of Audiobooks but are unable to find a smart and intuitive Audiobook player to listen to audiobooks? Smart Audiobook Player Pro Apk can solve all your problems with its simple and attractive interface combined with useful features. This application has no ads, so you will get a distraction-free audiobook listening experience.

What is Smart Audiobook Player Pro Apk?

Smart Audiobook Player is an Android app which enables you to listen to pre-downloaded audiobooks with a great experience. You can boot or mute the volume of your audiobooks with one simple click.

Bookmark your favourite Audiobook with Timestamps to start from where you left off. Get an automated sleeping mode system which pauses the audiobook after a set time limit. To resume the audiobook again on Smart Audiobook Player Pro Apk, all you have to do is to shake your mobile device, and your audiobook will resume its playback. You can also pause your audiobook by rotating your phone and resume by shaking your device. There are many other fantastic features like this you can read in the features section below.

Widget audio player

Smart Audiobook Pro Mod APK supports a wide variety of audio extensions like .mp3, .ogg, .oga, .aac, .mp4, .m4a, .m4b, .wav, .FLAC, .amr, .AWB, .mpga, .aiff, .wv, .exo, .3gp, .mka, .mkv, .avi, .m4v, .weba, .webm, .wma, etc and many more.

The problem which many audiobook listeners face is that their audiobook player doesn’t supports some audio extensions. Then either they convert that audio format or find a new audiobook player to listen audiobooks of that extension. Your every problem regarding audiobooks can be solved with Smart audiobook pro app as it supports all types of audio extrensuin and serves impressive audio quality to listeners.

Features of Smart Audiobook Player Pro App

Detailed info on Premium features of Smart Audiobook Player is given Below!

Control speed of playback

SMart Audiobook player pro app

Usually, Audiobook players have a fixed control speed of playback, which you cannot change. Some Audiook players have increasing and decreasing speed options for audiobook play, but they are mainly paid or premium apps. In the Smart Audio Player pro app, you can set a fixed control speed of your choice from 5 seconds up to 30 seconds.

Smart Audiobook player as a Widget

Audio book player

Smart Audiobook player pro app has two types of widgets a smaller one and a larger size widget. The widget will help you change the speed, pause or resume and change the audiobook from home. You will never have to open the app again with this fantastic feature. The widget of the Smart Audiobook Player is classy and dynamic.

No Ads

Smart Audiobook Player pro apk is a modified mobile application with unlocked premium and paid features. Generally, every app has ads that are very distracting and consume our precious time. But as a mod app, the ads have been blocked permanently to give you an incredible audiobook experience.

Automated pause with Sleep Mode feature

SMart Audiobook player pro app

Enable sleep mode in case you fall asleep while listening audiobook. This feature will help you track your audiobook journey with proper timestamps. To resume or start the audiobook player again, you have to shake your mobile device once, and your Smart audiobook player will start working again. You have to set sleep mode time manually once, and after that, just one click is enough to put your audio player on sleep mode again.

Save and record your audiobook history

Smart Audiobook Player Pro app keeps track of every audiobook you played with accurate time stamps. You can find previously played audiobooks in the history section of Smart Audiobook Player Pro Apk. It also tells whether you have completed your audiobook or if it’s still pending with a colour code.

Classify your audiobooks according to the proper arrangement

SMart Audiobook player pro apk

Organize your audiobooks in a proper format to easily find your favourite audiobooks. Sort or search options are also available if you like to find your audiobooks this way. Every audiobook is given a colour code which will help you find whether that audiobook is new, complete or incomplete.

The colour of the book change according to your usage. If that audiobook is new and untouched, then it’ll be in red colour. If you have started listening or it’s still pending, then it’ll occur in white colour, and if you have finally finished that audiobook, then that will appear in black.


If you were searching for a smart and easy to use Audiobook player app, then Smart Audiobook player pro apk stands out on these requirements. But some new audiobook listeners might feel this app has a simplistic and outdated look due to its classic and clean design.

Smart Audiobook player pro app is one of the most downloaded and trusted apps for audiobooks. With such a minute file size and diverse features, this app attracts every audiobook listener. In conclusion, a Smart Audiobook Player provides every necessary feature needed to listen to an audiobook with a clean and simple user interface.

5 / 5. Vote count: 1

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